Weekly Global Menu

Each weekday, the chefs of the Faculty Club prepare, in addition to our regular luncheon buffet, a special global cuisine menu. The global menu will be posted weekly.



Monday March 27 - American Regional

Barbequed beef brisket

Cajun potato wedges

Avocado tomato salad with citrus vinaigrette

Amish style soup with chicken and roasted corn

Tuesday March 28 - Caribbean

Pork Pernil

Sauteed chayote

Cuban yucca fries with mojo

Callalo soup

Wednesday March 29 - Malaysian

Chicken curry with coconut milk

Jasmine rice

Spicy shrimp soup

Cucumber and pineapple salad

Thursday March 30 - Middle East

Lamb Kofta

Basmati rice pilaf

Yogurt cucumber salad

Vegan lentil soup

Friday March 31 - France

Roasted filet mignon with bordelaise sauce

Potato au gratin

Haricot verte and peppers

French lentil soup